Day one, let the fun begin!

The first day of a renovation

It is so exciting the first day the builder turns up to start the demolition.

You squeal they’re here, they’re here, as you giddily giggle like a school girl peeking through the curtains to see the loader or the machinery parked out the front of your place. Yes, its your turn!

The very first few weeks are the fun times as you are still in excitement mode, and haven’t got over it yet, when the dust and the mess, and the constant cleaning up, starts to take its toll. Renovations can stay organised, fun, and on track, with the right help and a good team. The right planning from the start is essential, when you are first getting your ideas together, and putting them on paper, this is the time to be thinking in detail about what your really want, and how you want the space to look, and to function. It is much easier to make changes to a plan than when on a building site.

When it starts to wear thin, is when changes are being made after plans, engineering and certification have been done, as this is when the budget can blow out, time can be lost, and momentum on the build can slow down. This can also affect the builders work load and patience too, as they have a timeline they are working to, and as they say, time is money

These things can all be managed by having a clear picture in your mind at the start, long, long before day one, when the renovations begins. Its much easier for( and better for your budget) if your changes are made to a set of plans and are set in stone rather than making the changes once they start, as then you eliminate the risks of the project going over budget, as if you do changes along the way there will be variations added to your initial contract and these can creep up and be costly.

As with everything, there are always things that are worth it, and if you decide half way through that there is a change to be made to the design that will really enhance the overall end finish, then go for it. Be clear with your builder about the changes, and have the variations done at the time in writing so there are no unexpected bills at the end that cause misunderstandings with parties and can sour an overall good experience.

Let the hammering begin! It will be so worth it x

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